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2/11/2024 Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is in honor of all teachers--those teaching now and those in the past.  We LOVE our teachers in Grandview and want to show our thankfulness to them.  Everyone is invited!  Worship starts at 10 with a coffee hour beginning at 11.  

12/24/2023 Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve service will be at 10:00 on Christmas Eve (Sunday).
Come join us! 

12/17/2023 Children's Birthday Party for Jesus

You are invited to a Children's Birthday Party for Jesus on Sunday, December 17, from 2-4.  There will be stories, crafts, AND birthday cake for Jesus, the Reason for the Season!

12/18/2022 Bethany Christmas Party

Join us at Bethany for our Christmas Party at 2 p.m.  There will be carols, cookies, and the movie "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"!  Fun for all ages!  All are welcome!

11/13/2022 Operation Christmas Child

49 shoeboxes were delivered to the collection site and are on their way to places around the globe where children will have the joy of receiving their special gifts.  Continue to pray for the delivery of the boxes to just the right children.  Pray they will receive the gospel through "The Greatest Journey" booklet and classes.  Thank you to all who packed boxes, contributed gift items, and gave money for processing and delivery.

12/1/2016 Alpha Series In Review--I Am Thankful!!

I am thankful for Alpha and the way our church has been
blessed by this study. We had 75 different adults involved
including hosts, helpers, greeters, and participants. A
special thanks to Mike Bren, Mike Clark, Terry, Refugio,
Joan, Asia, Gretchen, Ardith, Janet, and Maxine for taking
on hosting duties at least part time . Thanks to Danny for
leading over 30 youth to deeper faith. Janet's team of
cooks prepared and served nearly 1000 meals AND
cleaned up! They did this with smiles on their faces every
week. These people certainly have the gift of hospitality!
We experienced the gifts of so many! Dave Rider made
sure the videos were ready to go each week AND got our
new equipment up and running. Sue and Bev provided
activities for the younger kids. Robin helped so much with
greeting, registering people, passing out water, and
cleaning up. Marv and Don and others greeted people as
they came. Maxine and crew had the church decorated
and inviting. And finally I am thankful for all of you who
came and participated and learned more about what being
a Christian means and gained insight on how to be
Jesus's hands and feet in our world. The fellowship and
love that we experienced was a true blessing. It was fun
to meet new friends and get to know others better!
However, the number one comment on our surveys was
that Alpha helped to strengthen our faith. PTL!
THANKS!  --Alix

9/6/2016 Cuando y adonde?

Las lecciones seran a las 6:00 p.m. hasta las 8:00 p.m. en los Miercoles empesando el Setiembre 7.  Alfa es un curso que esta abierto para que  todos estan interesadros en explorar la significacion de la vida y fe Cristiana.  Ven y eplora con nosotros las significacion de la vida!

Para mas informacion: http://alpha.org/alpha/about-alpha

8/25/2016 Alpha Is Coming!!

Come explore with us the meaning of Life!  Alpha is for youth through adults and will happen this fall starting on September 7th from 6 to 8.  There will be food, a video, and a time to chat.   There will also be activities for elementary aged children and a nursery.  Come join us!  We'd love to have you!
If you want to know more or want to register , call the church office or just drop by on Wednesday, September 7th.  If you are busy that night, please feel free to join us any Wednesday night.  Missed videos can be viewed online.
 Spanish class is offered!  Espanol tambien!

7/14/2016 Special July Coffee Hours

Two special coffee hours will be held during July:

On Sunday, July 17, we will be honoring Bob and Diane Fortune as they are leaving for Panama for two years!  May God protect you and bless you on this new adventure!

On Sunday, July 24, we will celebrate the birthday of two of our Daves:  Dave Skinner and Dave Rider.  Happy Birthday, Dave and Dave! May God's richest blessings rest upon you!

2/25/2016 Thank You from Tyler, Our Summer Youth Helper

Thank you for the gift!  I hope you know I wasn't expecting any sort of payment and really had a great time working with you this summer.  It was a pleasure to spend some time with those kids as they grow up and try to keep them out of trouble.  Thanks for making my life more exciting this summer.  Take care of those boys!

Tyler Jewess

2/10/2016 Lenten Soup Suppers

 For the next six weeks, beginning February 10th, we will be having special Lenten Soup Suppers instead of our regular Family Night Potlucks.  This simple meal is to help us focus on Jesus's sacrifice for us.  There will be a special study called "Who Is This Man? The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus" by John Ortberg for adults.  There are youth and children's studies as well.  May this Lenten Season bring each of us to a closer, more personal relationship with Jesus!

12/17/2015 Thank you from Linda Jackson and Helping Hands for Nepal

Thank you Bethany ladies! -- Thank you so much for the very generous donation to Helping Hand for Nepal. You are such a blessing! We have done a lot in the area of earthquake disaster relief since end April, but there is still so much to do. With our Nepali volunteers, HHN has rebuilt one village, provided new wool blankets to homeless earthquake victims ($5/blanket), provided food buckets to families (packed with rice, lentils, etc. for a family of 5 for a week = $20), given out clean water filters, and more. We continue to educate girls for $25/yr. who would otherwise not be able to attend school, provide life-saving medical care for $30, and pencils and paper for two students for a year for $5. I leave Jan. 11 for Nepal and will post photos and information (Linda Jay Jackson) as electricity and internet connectivity permit. Thank you so much for your continued interest in Nepal and support!

11/19/2015 Operation Christmas Child

Bethany's Operation Christmas Child has been very successful! On Wednesday, November 18, 55 boxes were filled! These boxes will be taken to a distribution center and will soon join millions of others going to children around the world! Everyone was excited to pack our boxes and to be part of this wonderful program. Look for pictures on our Facebook page!